Client Testimonials

A couple of testimonials from our clients.

“I am on-boarding with a new client, and it’s been hard to understand their process and lingo… until I logged into their Shopperations portal and went through the training. It all makes sense now! The learning curve is so much steeper with Shopperations.”

Wendy Sokoluk | Director, Customer Solutions, The Mars Agency

Bob Waibel

“My team has been using Shopperations for almost two years and found numerous benefits. One of the unexpected surprises was that our financial audit took just 30 minutes instead of days or weeks like it did before.”

Bob Waibel Senior Shopper Marketing Director, Conagra Brands

“We saw an immediate impact of Shopperations. It’s been instrumental in getting the team to become more strategic in managing their business. We are now able to understand brand investments before they happen and place our customer-specific dollars in the right spots.”

Michelle Nachtweih National Sales Director, HEINEKEN USA

Mark Sorrentino

“Shopperations is a dedicated shopper budget management tool that is many shopper managers’ dream come true. They now can accurately and efficiently report their spend and create transparency of shopper budgets!!!”

Mark Sorrentino, Head of Shopper Marketing, Reckitt-Benckiser

Shopperations helps me avoid 75% of interruptions and lets me be more strategic”.

Rebecca Campbell Shopper Engagement Manager, Hormel Foods