Co-op Marketing Event Planning and
Collaboration Software

for Retailers, Manufacturers and Shopper Marketing Agencies

Seamlessly Build Co-op Marketing Events

Shopperations knows the multi-faceted, complex world of retail marketing promotions can be complicated. That’s why we provide flexible and intuitive tools to assist in designing and implementing Co-op Marketing events that document tactical spending assumptions with the highest degree of detail. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheet attachments, email and version proliferation and say hello to your new favorite promotion planning tool!

Publish Events to Attract Brand Sponsors

We understand that Brands want to be a part of retail co-op marketing events and can help make them spectacular. That’s why Shopperations makes it easy to publish your promotional events for the vendor community to evaluate and submit sponsorship nominations. Our sponsorship design widget lets you create sponsorship tiers and describe their cost and benefits, in a simple, transparent way, to attract the most relevant brand sponsors.

Collaborate with Your Internal Team

We know that it takes a village to get a large, 360-degree marketing event out to the marketplace. That’s why we developed several robust and flexible features to enable team members to invite each other to help design marketing promotions by adding content, participating in discussions and sharing files.

Partner with Brands in Real Time

Once the Brand sponsors are selected, the execution work begins, and it doesn’t have to be stressful. Shopperations allows users to share assets between organizations, including style guides, SKU lists, brand logos and pack shots, or recipes and lifestyle photography. We make it easy to publish and discuss any format of file attachment and save final creative assets for future reference and use.