Marketing Planning

Shopperations makes it easy for CPG marketers to 
track, visualize, share, and analyze their omnichannel 
marketing budgets and plans.

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Omichannel Marketing Planning With Confidence and Ease
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Budget Management and promotional planning in the cloud
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What is Shopperations?

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We Help CPG Marketers Succeed

See all your marketing funds and campaigns in one place

See all your marketing funds
and campaigns in one place

Whether it’s an in-store demo, a retail media campaign, a national
coupon offer, or an e-commerce promotion – track all your brand’s
marketing expenses in one place. No more opaque silos, wasteful
layering, or disjointed messaging!

Automate reporting
& calendaring

Stop wasting time on manual data gathering, formatting, and updating static documents. Shopperations’ standardized planning approach enables automatic reporting and live, dynamic calendars.

Automate Reporting and Calendaring
Collaborate with agencies and matrix partners

Collaborate with marketing agencies and matrix partners

Shopperations lets your cross-functional colleagues see what you are 
working on. No more disruptive inquiries, outdated offline status trackers or endless meetings with your marketing agency, sales or finance, just to share basic facts.

Find the right vendor partners to meet your brand's objectives.

Discover and connect with the relevant media vendors on Vendorstan, Shopperations’ “Yellow Pages” portal for CPG marketers. Filter tactics by type, path-to-purchase phase, brand objectives, KPIs, lead times, and more.


Find the right vendor partners to meet your brand's objectives.
Simplify post-promo analytics

Simplify post-promo

Quickly and automatically measure the sales impact of your campaigns 
with the Shopperations Pos-Promo Dashboard. Scale winning campaigns and scrutinize ineffective spending to improve future sales lift and ROI.

Meet Our Clients

Some of the world’s most sophisticated CPG
companies use Shopperations to streamline
their omnichannel marketing processes.

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Who We Help

Shopperations empowers many functions in a CPG organization to be more transparent, 
efficient, and confident.

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Shopper Marketing and E-commerce

Shopper Marketing & E-commerce:

Standardize omnichannel plannig approach for all customers, tactics, vendors and brands. Present complete, hoilstic shopper plans to retail cutomers, regardless of purchase channel.

Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions:

Manage all brands' coupon, in-store or digital media budgets in one place. Inform Shopper and Sales team in time for effective cusomer sell-in.



Prepare for Customer JBP calls, demonstrate total customer spend beyond Trade, and showcase strategic shopper-centric campaigns. Seamlessly collaborate with Marketing & Media teams.

Retail and National Media

Retail & National Media:

Bring all media spending to one transparent place, enabling customer-facing teams to leverage media buys for proactive and timely sell-in.



Get granular, timely, accurate marketing spend forecast by GL, Brand, and Customer. Get marketing to adhere to GAAP rules through proper phasing. Document proof of marketing performance and breathe through audits.

Marketing agencies and brokers

Marketing agencies & brokers:

Collaborate with clients in real time, see their holistic plans earlier, become a proactive, strategic partner, not just a tactical order taker.

Take Control of your Marketing Operations

Shopperations gives you and your team clarity, confidence, and time savings to compete in the fast-paced world of CPG marketing.

Teams that leverage Shopperations significantly improve productivity, dramatically shorten employee onboarding and financial audits, and reduce post-promo analytics expenses.


Be A Super Hero: Take control of your Marketing Operations