Funds Releases

Standardize the budgeting process, track every penny, effortlessly.

Omnichannel Planning

See all campaigns and tactics in one place, create one version of the truth.

Automated Calendars

Generate beautiful, up-to-date calendars with just a few clicks.


Agency Collaboration

Partner with agencies to build better programs, faster.

Vendor Search

Find the perfect tactic or vendor to activate your brand.

Campaign Assets

Store all campaign-related documents in one place.


Invoices & Deductions

Easily actualize programs, regardless how they were paid for.

Coupon Redemptions

Get accurate cumulative and forecast costs for each offer.

Automatic Reconciliation

Connect to ERP systems to automatically reconcile spending.


Report Engine

Build ad hoc or recurring reports to answer any question about your business.

Post-Promo Analytics Dashboard

Map your spend and sales data to quickly to automatically measure sales lift and ROI

Retail and National Media

Take Control of your Marketing Operations

Shopperations gives you and your team clarity, confidence and time
savings to compete in the fast paced world of CPG marketing.