Shopper Marketing Event Lifecycle
Management Software

For Brands and Marketing Agencies

Features & Benefits

Standardized planning approach

Eliminate guesswork, establish common language, and increase productivity by up to 40%.

Real time data

Enjoy transparency, never wait for answers, never lose your work.

Intuitive user experience design

Built by shopper marketers for shopper marketers, our software makes sense and is easy to use.

Team-based user access permissions

Establish firewalls between Retail-facing teams to protect sensitive customer information.

Detailed tactic-level assumptions

Drill down to lowest level of details and get rid of shadow spreadsheets.

Past event archives

Ensure business continuity and knowledge transfer.

Budget allocation

Assign funds to teams, events and tactics and track every penny.

Automated Calendarization

Never build another calendar grid in Excel.

Discussions & Notes

Collaborate with your team anywhere, anytime.


Store all event-related artwork and documentation in one place, accessible to all.


Stay on top of what’s happening with your team and events.