About Us

Born out of frustration.
Empowered by automation.
Aspiring to improve collaboration.

The Starting Point

In 2007 when Olga Yurovski became a shopper marketer at a large U.S. food company, she didn’t expect that job to challenge her in so many ways. The fast-paced nature of the retail industry and the high degree of uncertainty taught her flexibility and decision-making agility. The newly formed shopper marketing function required constant connectivity with both the sales teams and the headquarters to demonstrate strong accountability and ROI for her shopper marketing programs. Partnering and collaborating across the board was expected, but the collaborative planning tools were non-existent. Shopper marketers’ job was very manual and heavily relied on outdated offline documents, unstructured email and constant conference calls to communicate information to various stakeholders.

Olga quickly saw a need to manage shopper marketing workload in a more efficient way. She researched internal and external productivity solutions, but nothing fit the need. After she interviewed her shopper marketing colleagues across the industry and realized that every single CPG shopper marketer suffered from the same lack of tools, she felt a strong desire to alleviate their pain and offer a solution. This empathy to the fellow shopper marketers is what drives Shopperations forward to this day.

The Formative Years

Olga formally started Shopperations in September 2014 and immediately began interviewing prospective CPG and retail clients. At the same time, she set a goal to develop an early product prototype in time for the Shopper Expo in Minneapolis later that Fall. Three weeks of intense collaboration with a talented local developer yielded the initial Shopperations prototype that convinced her early clients and investors that she was on the right track.

Olga’s relentless focus and ambitious vision secured her an Imagining Grant from CincyTech USA in March 2015. That grant was what allowed Olga to hire a talented team of UX designers and developers in her Ukrainian hometown of Dnipro. Together with Shopperations’ initial clients, they built a beautiful, intuitive software that fit the needs of shopper marketers “like a glove.”

Not Your Typical Software Company

As a woman, an immigrant, and a non-technical founder, Olga doesn’t fit a typical tech startup profile. When she embarked on this journey, she entered a completely new chapter of her life and went through a period of the intense personal and professional growth, which is still continuing on today. Along the way, she relies on her strong instincts, her passion for using technology to solve everyday problems, and her empathy to the shopper marketing community. Shopperations is unique and differs from any competitor in three major ways:

We’ve been there, done that. You don’t have to explain to us what a PFP is or why it’s so important to keep your insertion and redemption costs apart. We often see organizational and operational issues before our clients articulate them. Shopperations software was built by CPG marketers, for CPG marketers. It just makes sense, so no custom development or lengthy deployment schedules are required.

Elegant and intuitive UX design is what we pride ourselves on. Shopperations is not over-built, it’s not trying to please every single constituent in your organization. We are laser-focused on automating the work of CPG marketers. We invest a lot of time to research best practices in UX design, seek inspiration from existing productivity solutions, test our new features’ designs before we build them to make sure they work for you and your needs.

Shopperations is not just a software, it’s a technology-based service. Our clients enjoy dedicated support, face-to-face trainings, personalized system configuration and intensive initial hyper-care period. Because we believe that technology for the sake of technology simply doesn’t work, we support our clients along the way and often dole out free advice.

Our Mission, Vision and Aspirations

Shopperations’ mission is to help CPG and Retail marketers build strong reputation of data-driven, agile and accountable partners. We do so by creating new industry standards and offering modern, real time, sustainable collaboration and planning tools. Our goal is to build a transparent, efficient, and collaborative marketplace where ideas can flow freely between:

  • Internal cross-functional matrix partners
  • Clients and agencies
  • CPG and retail partners
  • Marketers and media vendors

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Olga Yurovski
Founder & CEO

After more than 15 years in Consumer Packaged Goods industry, Olga Yurovski became a software entrepreneur. Today, she designs and sells Shopperations, a web-based, collaborative planning software for Marketers on both CPG and Retail sides, to enable transparency, accountability and stronger Shopper Marketing promotional analytics. Olga is passionate about all things Retail and Shopper Marketing, loves reading about Neuroscience progress as it relates to shopper research, and cares about process improvement and marketing automation technology.