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Get real time updates…
See one version of the truth

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Shopperations gives management and cross-functional partners instant visibility to your team’s evolving plans and reduces the need for time-consuming internal alignment meetings.

Enjoy intuitive interface
and workflow

We eliminate mundane tasks like reconciling, saving, attaching, copying and pasting and instead offer you tools that help your creativity shine. Contextual discussions, shared attachments, embedded marketing briefs and visual dashboards – these are just a few exciting features we have to offer.

Save time with automated calendars

Visualizing and sharing your plans has never been easier! Forget about spending hours creating spreadsheet-based calendar grids, only to realize that they became obsolete the next day. Our calendars are real-time, searchable, filterable, expandable and exportable!

Track every penny,

Funding often comes from many places, and it’s not always easy to keep track of the budgets that you have at your disposal. Our many-to-many budgeting capabilities let you fund an event with more than one budget and allocate a budget to more than one event.

Case Study

Heineken Shopper Marketing Case Study



Sales team leadership spent a lot of time gathering updates about the status of their commercial marketing budgets and promotional plans. Team communicated extensively via email and relied on multiple offline spreadsheets. Connectivity with headquarters’ shopper marketing team was also heavily email based and lacked consistency and transparency.


Standardized process by establishing common naming conventions, spending principles and product hierarchies. Leveraged Shopperations software to build and update promotional plans and budgets in real time. Used Shopperations data export feature to automate financial reporting.


Significantly reduced manual data touches and number of alignment meetings. Increased reporting accuracy, speed and granularity. Uncovered pockets of opportunity to re-allocate investments across product portfolio. Established team’s reputation as an agile, transparent and data-driven partner with strong sense of accountability.



How To Build Modern Shopper Marketing Capability

Comprehensive Guide

  • Why shopper marketing should be a strategic capability for all organizations.
  • How to build organization alignment and support for shopper marketing.
  • Who to hire and what 21st century skill sets to look for.
  • What framework to deploy to develop winning shopper marketing strategies that consistently deliver results.

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Vendorstan – the “Tinder” for CPG Marketers

First and Only CPG Tactic and Vendor Catalog

We are proud to announce our new vendor discovery platform for the CPG marketing industry. Vendorstan was inspired by our own and our clients’ struggles while trying to keep up with the fast-evolving media vendor landscape. We’ve seen many CPG companies and their marketing agencies attempt to collect and systematize information about media tactics and vendors in spreadsheets, only to realize that this information becomes obsolete in no time.

Vendorstan is our answer to the unstructured informational chaos and a “universal translator” for vendors and CPG marketers. Vendors can now present their capabilities in an easy to process format and CPG marketers can now find the perfect tactics and vendor partners to activate their brands and achieve their brand objectives.

Create a FREE profile on Vendorstan today and start exploring!

Join Shopper Marketing Society on Slack

Community for shopper marketing professionals

Interested in networking with fellow shopper marketers around the globe in a modern, efficient and informal way? Join our Shopper Marketing Society on Slack and share best practices, ask for expert advice, discover new shopper marketing capabilities and partnership opportunities.